The one prospect we were all sure would be a superstar from every MLB team
Thursday April 09, 2020

Bryce Harper, Ken Griffey Jr. and Bo Jackson lived up to their billing. Todd Van Poppel and Gregg Jefferies? Not so much.

Edelman won't be prosecuted in vandalism case
Thursday April 09, 2020

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman will not be prosecuted for vandalism after being arrested in January.

NBA says players to get full paychecks April 15
Thursday April 09, 2020

In a memo to teams that was obtained by ESPN, the NBA says players will receive their full paychecks on April 15, but it's unclear if their next paychecks, on May 1, will be affected.

Bowlsby concerned about 'full, robust' season
Thursday April 09, 2020

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said Thursday that he's concerned about whether "we can have a full and robust football season," saying the conference implemented a 10% salary cut in the office.

Tiger says he'd have been healthy for Masters
Thursday April 09, 2020

There is no Masters this week, but had it been played at Augusta National, Tiger Woods said he would have been there in good health and ready to go.